The Curse of Downers Grove Movie Details

The Curse of Downers Grove Movie Details

It seems that things have started moving forward on The Curse of Downer’s Grove, a film based on a novel written by Michael Hornbug with the same name.

Several young actors, including Lucas Till, Aimee Teegardenand Kevin Zegers, have joined the cast of the film.

This will be an independent film directed by Derek Martini but probably the most interesting thing is that the script has been written by Martini and Bret Easton Ellis.

Film buffs remember Easton Ellis from the famous cult classic, American Psycho.

He wrote the script of that film which became an instant success. So we can expect a thrilling script on this project as well.

The film revolves around a high school student who gets paranoid over a strange curse which claims the life of one student from the school every year.

So with one student dying every year, this lead character gets really paranoid with a miserable life. Lucas Till would be playing the lead role.

Production of the film would commence this month in Log Angeles but so far there is no information regarding the release date of the film. It would probably hit the theaters this summer.

Lucas Till was not bad in his most recent project, Paranoia so considering that he has previously done thriller stuff, we can expect some quality acting from his side.