Children at Nottingham Cinema Shown Horror Film By Accident

Paranormal Activity 4 Mistake

It doesn’t happen very often that you plan to watch a comedy animation film and have those plans intact till the very last moment but the film starts and your plans are ruined with an unexpected horror film.

This is exactly what just happened at a Nottingham cinema where children as young as five were accidentally shown a latest 15-rated horror film.

The children had gathered there to see animated comedy film Madagascar 3, which happens to be a PG-rated family film, but a technical flaw resulted in the screening of a horror film.

Paranormal Activity 4 was shown instead of Madagascar 3 as a result of the technical error.

According to the spokesperson of the cinema chain, this was the result of a “technical error” that occurred in the projector before the screening of the film.

When asked about the reports that children, upon seeing a horror film instead of the comedy animation, escaped the cinema hall screaming, the spokesperson could not confirm these reports.

Cineworld, the cinema chain where the event took place, apologized the concerned families and said that it took such matters very seriously and it would be made sure that no such mishap takes place in future.

Besides, all the customers who had to go through this uncomfortable situation are also being offered refunds and complimentary tickets by the cinema management.