Elijah Wood Horror Production Company – 2 Movies Coming Soon

Elijah Wood Horror Movie Company

Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller recently collaborated to form a new production company for horror films called Woodshed and the company has just revealed its two new projects.

One of these is an original production named A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night while the other one is a feature film named Toad Road from writer-director Jason Banker.

On Toad Road, Woodshed would be collaborating with Blackout Films and Random Bench and according to Variety magazine this would be the first film under the banner of “The Woodshed Presents.”

Talking about the film Elijah Wood said that, “Programming the festival, we viewed scores of new horror films, but TOAD ROAD leapt out of the pack with its devastating power.

We knew we had to do whatever we could to make sure this special film is seen.”

The original production called A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is an Iranian Western film and happens to be the first film of writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour.

This love story is set in the backdrop of a strange and lone Iranian town where the inhabitants are haunted by a lonesome vampire. Music of the film is also an attraction, with a mash-up of Western guitar music from 60s and Iranian pop music.

About the Iranian project, Wood said that “When I first heard about Ana’s project, a vampire Western noir, shot in black & white, in Farsi, and utilizing an entirely Iranian soundtrack, I was extremely excited.

I then saw her proof-of-concept short and was convinced that this was a film that we’d be proud to be a part of bringing to life.”

Sina Sayyah, the production partner, said that her company was excited to work with Woodshed and this is a very unique project, considering that no similar Iranian film has been made in the past.