3 Walking Dead Spin Off Series Ideas That Would Be Cool

The Walking Dead Spin Off

As the premier of season four of AMC’s popular TV series, The Walking Dead, approaches, the television network, AMC, has announced a spin off series. The action will take place in the same world, but will not be tethered to what is happening to the original series.

Right now, everyone has a handful of suggestions about what can really take place in the spin-off series.

Here are three things that will make the new series cooler than The Walking Dead.

Anywhere Outside of Georgia, Perhaps Outside the US

Peach State, Georgia, is a wonderful set for the Apocalypse – there’s no doubt about that. However, the audience will want something new. Something that has not happened before. People know what has happened in Georgia or to the United States, and they will be enthralled to know what is happening in perhaps Europe or Australia or Asia.

There can be a different state if they want to keep the cost low. The Walking Dead was made with the average American viewer in mind, so if the filming takes place in some other place, it might be a hard sell within the US. But it will not hurt. Adding multinational people will make the series more intriguing.

If they want to keep it to the US, then they might try New York or the Rocky Mountains. Geography can play a huge role in survival. The group might use mountain climbing as another way to survive against the walkers. Winter can be added, leaving the group the challenge of contending with both the apocalypse and the weather which means, it will be ideal to shoot in North Dakota or Minnesota. The series can go on as the seasons change. The walkers change with the climate. More details could be added to this aspect of the show, like the walkers gaining more energy during rain.

Resetting the Clock

Another potential tactic can be to wind the clock to the future. Which means that there will be a lot of opportunity to expand. It can be about how people in the future find a survival strategy and a cure for the fever. We could see how the walkers have destroyed the planet, and the story will be about how a group of people bring alternations to revive the planet. It can be sci-fi, too. That will make the franchise gain a broader audience. The story can be something like the Pixar movie Wall-e. The story can be about something of how the world has altered in an impulsive manner and how the survivors cope in the aftermath. There can be room for individual stories and each character might have deep roots to places and times they belonged to before the apocalypse.

Many have suggested that the story will pick up from a grown up Carl Grimes, the son of Rick. He comes back to the places where he has moved with his father. He can be an expert in zombie matters and lead a group of people like the way his father did. Her sister Judy can also play some important roles with him.

The coin can be flipped over and the time reset to the past, instead of the future. Here, there will be people living their normal lives before the outbreak. Hundreds and thousands of other zombie movies have taken this approach, and thus it might turn out to be a drag. However, thanks to the popularity of The Walking Dead, fans will await this spin-off eagerly. In the Pilot of the series, we have seen Rick telling Shane the marital problems that he is facing with his wife. The series can make that thing clear.

Set a Goal

Though the series has gained a lot of popularity, there seems one thing it’s missing: a goal. What is the mission of this series? What are they all surviving for and what are their aims? Everything is confined to a specific situation. We are hoping that the spin-off will have some kind of a plan for the end, which the audience knows and roots for every episode. There should be a purpose, an intention behind all the massacre, instead of just survival. At the end of the day, all we want is a story, rather than watching a group of people walking around Georgia.

There are many spin-off ideas, like giving each character a background, taking an analogical approach or making both the series meet together. Whatever it is, if AMC plays its cards well, they will have another hit series which they, and us, can live off.

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    I want the next one to take place in Pittsburgh. That’d be pretty great.