The 6 Factors Preventing Ghostbusters 3


Fans of the original Ghostbusters movies were very excited years ago when it was announced that there was going to be a Ghostbusters 3, but Dan Aykroyd has been working on a third movie since the 1990s and it still has not been made.

The latest news in regards to the Ghostbusters franchise says that the movie is going to start being made somewhere between the fall of 2013 and the year 2014.

If the film does not start being made till 2014, the earliest the movie will be released is in the year 2015.

1) Script Problems

The original problem with making a third Ghostbusters movie was that the script was not good enough. The script has been constantly going through rewrites since the 1990s, and it recently received even more changes.

Sony Pictures, the study backing the film, and Dan Aykroyd, recently decided to abandon the many scripts Aykroyd has been working on for decades.

Instead, they left the writing of the new script up to writer Etan Cohen, and at this moment in time the new Ghostbusters film will be filmed following the script that Cohen has written.

2) Money Problems

It took decades to get the script for Ghostbusters 3 good enough to justify a start in film production, and now that the script is ready, Sony Pictures is suffering financial problems.

If Sony Pictures does not fix its financing situation, the Ghostbusters franchise may have to move somewhere else in order to get made.

The current wait in the start of production is due solely to the fact that Sony cannot afford to start filming the movie right now.

The financial situation at Sony Entertainment has gotten so bad that the company has had to refute allegations that they were being forced to sell their business.

3) Development Is In Limbo

Until Sony has enough money to finance the film development is in limbo.

Promised production start dates can still change, and the script can also change during the time while the movie is waiting to start filming.

The wait in production has caused the plot of the third film to go into a very different direction than it was going to go in originally.

4) New Cast

The third film was supposed to feature the cast from the original films in starring roles.

Now the film will feature them sharing screen time with a new cast of Ghostbusters that will replace them.

The new Ghostbusters film will be a reboot of the series meant to introduce the new Ghostbusters cast to fans.

If the reboot is successful, there will be more sequels featuring the new cast of Ghostbusters.

5) Too Old

The age of the original Ghostbusters is why the new cast is being introduced in the third film.

Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray have both stated that nobody wants to see old guys fighting ghost.

Fan reaction says they are wrong, but the third film is still proceeding with the new cast, while the old cast takes a backseat in the ghost fighting business.

6) Bill Murray Will Not Return

All of the old cast will be returning to the third Ghostbusters movie if it is made soon, but Bill Murray will not return.

He says he does not want to do a sequel to the second film, and he has said that the time for the old Ghostbusters has passed.

Bill Murray was also never satisfied with any of the scripts he received for Ghostbusters 3. There was a rumor going around in 2011 that Bill Murray shredded the last Ghostbusters 3 script he received.

Dan Aykroyd has refuted this claim, but the fact remains that Bill Murray was never satisfied with any Ghostbusters 3 script he received.

At this point in time, Dan Aykroyd has stated that even if the script is perfect Bill Murray will not return to Ghostbusters because he wants to spend time with his kids and make celebrity golf appearances.

Executives at Sony have stated that it is unfortunate Murray will not be returning, but they are still going to shoot the film.

Bill Murray owns the rights to his character, so they will not be able to use it in any way without getting his permission first.

Will Ghostbusters 3 Ever Be Made?

The stage of production that Ghostbusters 3 is in right now sounds promising, but it is a stage it has been in many times before.

f the past is any indicator of what will happen, the production will stall. If the production of the film does not stall, the future of the franchise will depend entirely on the new cast the studio chooses to replace the old Ghostbusters.

If fans are not attracted to the new cast the way they were attracted to the old cast, the third film in the franchise will likely be the last Ghostbusters film to ever be made.